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After taking some time off from acting and producing, James decided to get back into the swing of things as of August 2019, with new headshots and a new outlook.


The son of Italian immigrants, James was born in the Bronx, NY, and raised in NJ. He moved to Los Angeles in 2001. He has since appeared in numerous independent films, television shows and over a dozen national TV commercials. He has also created, co-wrote, produced and co-directed a multi-award winning TV pilot in which he also starred in.


James is also a vegan and an animal advocate. Click on the bunny image on the upper left hand corner and donate any amount you can to Bunny Luv. They rescue bunnies from all over southern CA and foster them until they are adopted. They are a NO KILL bunny shelter. James has 2 beautiful CAGE-FREE rabbits, that roam freely throughout his home and are litter box trained and spoiled beyond belief.

James has been a proud SAG member since 2004 and is an alum of iO West. Learn more about James and his work at the links below.





With so many platforms out there, today more than ever, Hollywood is in need of content, GOOD content. James formed Undecided Pictures in 2012 and recently optioned a feature film called GOUGE a horror/thriller based off a short story he wrote. 

HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES was James' first TV project under his new production company, which he created and developed with his writing partner, James also produced, co-wrote and co-directed the finished TV pilot, which won 11 awards at various festivals around the world. It stars the iconic Patty McCormack, Dot-Marie Jones, James Kyson, character actor Art LaFleur and of course, James Di Giacomo, who plays the title character.


Patty who played Connie, has known James since 2001. James was a huge fan of hers and loved her in the classic film THE BAD SEED, which his writing partner made him watch. James told Patty that one day, he and his writing partner David Mattia would write something for her. And 11 years later we sent her the script for Have You Met Miss Jones -- she replied back to James, saying, "This is fuckin' hilarious," and that she was interested in playing the character role of Connie, Angelina's (James) mother. Patty was nominated for an Academy Award (THE BAD SEED) and has been acting in Hollywood for 65 years.


After filming, Patty sent James a note, telling him this was the most fun she had ever had on a set! James was blown away by Patty's performance and by her comment. James was also humbled by all the people who wanted to be a part of this little dream he had, that started with an idea, that turned into a script, which manifested into a finished TV pilot.

Watch the award winning TV pilot for yourself HERE. And, if it makes you laugh or you enjoy the performances or storyline, please share it with your friends. To create original content is never easy, to create good quality original content is even harder. James is so proud of how it turned out. Aside from the amazing acting, incredible cast and hilarious storyline, James feels that he accomplished something far greater than he could have ever imagined with the filming of HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES. James invites you to check out this deleted scene between Angelina and her son in the video directly below.

Undecided Pictures is seeking to expand, so if you would like to invest, contact James for more info on some of his other film and TV projects by scrolling to the bottom of this page.


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