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James (IMDb) is currently working with a few Hollywood producers on a number of film projects with MAJOR name actors attached, who are seeking investors. Depending on the film, investing opportunities can start as low as 250k and can go all the way up to 10M or more. 

Due to the recent pandemic, there has been a high demand for new content. As most of the studios are waiting to see how things go before they get back into their normal routine -- Independent Hollywood producers have the upper hand and as long as they follow all union and state guidelines, and have a licensed COVID rep on set, they can continue filming.

James Di Giacomo is an Executive Producers on The Last Son, a western starring Sam Worthington, Machine Gun Kelly, Heather Graham and Thomas Jane, which released on 12/21. James is the Executive Producer on THE YACHT, an action/thriller starring Ruby Rose, Frank Grillo and Patrick Schwarzenegger.  A Co-Executive Producer on another western/thriller starring Gabriel Byrne, Thomas Jane, Richard Dryfus and Nat Wolff called Murder at Emigrant Gulch. James is an Executive Producer on the film BANDIT starring Josh Duhamel and Mel Gibson. And most recently Co-Executive Producer on the film MARLOWE starring Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, Diane Kruger, Daniela Melchior, Alan Cumming and Danny Huston.

James has several other film projects seeking investors with names already attached, feel free to message James directly to learn more.


As an investor, you would receive an Executive Producer credit, 120% ROI, pari-passu split among the investors/filmmakers, an invite to the movie set and to the red carpet premiere (if there is one), not to mention bragging rights for life! DISCLAIMER.

Interested in knowing more? Contact James directly at 

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